Tyndall Galleries, Chapel Hill, NC

Tyndall Galleries, an established fine arts dealer in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, requested the creation of an exhibit and retailing space to be located within a traditional shopping mall. The resulting 2,500 square foot gallery is designed to maximize the flexibility of display and to optimize art storage, framing, and office areas.

The gallery is a series of subtly intersecting surfaces designed to enhance the presentation of art. Working within the mall’s standard twenty-four foot high lease bay, the interior space is constructed of simple gypsum board walls of varying height, thickness and proportion designed to offer a variety of settings conducive to the exhibit of paintings and sculpture. Overhead, a suspended horizontal plane dubbed "the cloud" suggests a clear path though the gallery, linking the store’s entrance to the work within. The cloud both conceals ductwork above and serves as a mounting surface for track lighting.

The project was the recipient of a 2006 and 2004 NC AIA Merit Design Award, voted Best Gallery in the Triangle by Citysearch and placed second to the Ackland Art Museum as The Best Place to view Art.