A little about A+S Design Inc.

It takes something beyond the ordinary to impress and engage. Something bold yet thoughtful—spaces so powerful they command attention. Clients are searching for solutions that shape opinions, drive action, or offer a unique, compelling experience.

A+S Design helps clients find their respective voices and ensures they are clearly heard and expressed. Founded by Alison Steele, A+S Design offers spaces that are engaging and sophisticated and design that is imaginative and disciplined.

We believe that a home or business interior, whether casual or formal, elegant or edgy, must reflect who clients are and how they live and work. At A+S Design, we think of ourselves as lifestyle interpreters, and we are passionate and highly organized about that role. Along with infinite creativity, we bring energy and organization to a project. The result is an interior that is simultaneously comfortable and beautiful.

Great design is a process, not a product. A + S Design helps clients achieve their hopes and ideals, bringing the energy, order, and boundless creativity needed to complete a project and carve out its identity. From initial consultation, right through to positioning the last perfect accessory, we offer professional design services with a personal approach that is enjoyable and in keeping with budget and schedule.

A+S Design Inc.

Alison Steele, Associate IIDA

610 W Morgan Street Unit 216
Durham, NC 27701

t 919.225.6692